Lion Rebel Records – EP release and poster artwork


The design for the new EP “what would it feel like to be free” from Lions of Dissent, released by Lion Rebel Records, combined traditional collage and risograph printing to create a unique other world.

Vintage books on astronomy, space travel and astrology were mined for beautiful illustrations, textures and photographs which were composed in a collage to form a background for the piece. This was overlaid with layers of illustration to highlight a map of coordinates and orbits in reference to the sonic journey to find what it would truly feel like to be free.

Choosing high contrast ink colours of yellow and blue, the artwork was printed on a vintage risograph machine, achieving a bleed of colour and textures which gave the design depth. A promotional poster and social media assets were also created to promote the EP launch at the group’s debut Wolverhampton show in Nov 2017.



Lions of Dissent EP design Lions of Dissent EP design Lions of Dissent EP poster design