A new brand for Staffordshire homelessness charity Concrete
The Opportunity

Concrete is a local charity, support network and campaigner leading the fight to erase homelessness within Staffordshire and its surrounding areas.

The charity had worked with Birmingham branding agency Orb to devise a new name for the brand, and they now needed to develop a brand identity which would speak to those without a voice and without a home and reassure them that it could help them to build a concrete future.

The Solution

I began by developing a logo which is ambitious and unique – a strong, solid circle motif is starting to shatter at the edges. This represents the brand’s brave and holistic approach to breaking the cycle for sufferers of homelessness.

The identity itself had to create an enduring visual statement to help communicate how groundbreaking this charity’s efforts are in challenging the system and rewriting the approach to homelessness.

Concrete logo

A typeface with a hand rendered feel was chosen for key messaging, which gives a gritty edge to the identity. A vivid colour palette of military green, charcoal and warm amber sets the brand apart from other homelessness charities in the UK. These natural, earthy tones paired with concrete textures also hint at how the charity is addressing the root cause of homelessness.

Concrete billboard

The brand’s energy and desire to shake up the sector is felt through striking colour portrait photography which creates the important eye-to-eye contact with the viewer in order to reach out and affect people.

Concrete photography
Photography to create a powerful emotive connection
Concrete typography
Typographic pairings

When you put the time in to build a strong client relationship, you need partners you can trust to deliver great work and provide expertise. Lindsay's work went above and beyond expectation. She nailed the brief and delivered exceptional creative work, all within time and budget. There's nothing I wouldn't trust in her capable hands.

Courtney Patrick, Brand Strategist @ Orb

The experience and quality of service we received from Lindsay as part of our re-branding project was exceptional. Lindsay worked alongside our team throughout the process, questioning us on our vision and hopes for the new brands and interpreting them in a way that brought them to life and staff and customers can instantly recognise and relate to our services and culture.

Diane Thompson, CEO, The Honeycomb Group

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