The Space
Toolkits and digital campaign design helping to reach audiences online

I work as a design associate for The Space, the digital agency established by Arts Council England and the BBC to support the UK arts and cultural sector to make great art and reach new audiences using digital media, content and platforms. They provide commissioning support for arts and cultural organisations, and the artists they work with, plus training events and online resources.

The Space Essays social media campaign

Through my work with The Space, I regularly produce toolkits which act as resources for the artists and cultural organisations who the team work with, along with reports which document the projects they have funded. These documents are mainly presented in a digital format in order for them to act as a useful downloadable resource with interactive content and follow-on links. The reports present a wealth of text information in an easy-to-follow format, incorporating graphics to illustrate key points and striking performance imagery.

The Space Digital Rights Toolkit
The Space My Audience is Global Essays
The Space My Audience is Global Essays
The Space My Audience is Global Essays

You can view some of the toolkits I have designed here:

The Online Audience Toolkit

My Audience is Global – The Essays

The Digital Rights Toolkit

I have also worked with The Space to produce digital and social campaign assets to help bring their campaigns to life, along with promotional items for their own in-house production of Kes Reimagined.

Lindsay has produced a number of digital designs for us at The Space and working with her is always a pleasure. She understands exactly what we want and never fails to deliver.

Angela Hughes, Communications Manager, The Space