A new brand for Staffordshire domestic violence charity Glow
The Opportunity

Glow is a charity on a mission to end domestic violence and abuse, campaigning for change and providing support throughout Staffordshire and its surrounding areas.

As part of Honeycomb Group, the charity had worked with Birmingham branding agency Orb to devise a new name and strategic approach for the brand, and they now needed to develop a brand identity to communicate their full-circle approach, which seeks to address the issue from every angle, ensuring that no member of the community is vulnerable to an abusive relationship.

The Solution

Creating an emotive feel for this brand was key to tell the important story of how Glow offer a path to freedom for sufferers and propose a wholesale change to the way domestic violence is looked at in the sector.

The brand starts its journey as an animated ident – a dark background begins to brighten as a white light appears in the distance illuminating the logo from behind, offering hope, warmth and a new beginning. The logo is contemporary with a quiet confidence, and consideration was taken to ensure it feels gender neutral.


The brand journey then developed with the use of a set of vibrant gradients, all containing a movement from a darker to a lighter shade to help to communicate the charity’s aim to present a positive solution to people who are in a dark place. These gradients present great flexibility for the brand allowing the Glow team to tailor communications using certain shades from the colour palette. The new brand feels overtly tenacious and determined to create change.

Glow lanyards
Find the glow

Tackling relationship abuse isn’t a linear process, it takes a full-circle approach to ensure that it can be stopped it in its tracks and enable everyone to understand how to recognise and prevent abusive behaviour before it takes over. A set of heartbeat marks which seem to pulsate across the gradient background, are joined by circular strokes helping to communicate the urgency of this message.

The brand’s energy and desire to be a catalyst for change in the sector is also felt through considered  photography showing people in the Glow network who are supported and feel empowered, hinting at positive change.

Glow photography style
Photography presented with a colour overlay using swatches from the palette
Gradient colour palette
The full gradient swatch palette

When you put the time in to build a strong client relationship, you need partners you can trust to deliver great work and provide expertise. Lindsay's work went above and beyond expectation. She nailed the brief and delivered exceptional creative work, all within time and budget. There's nothing I wouldn't trust in her capable hands.

Courtney Patrick, Brand Strategist @ Orb

The experience and quality of service we received from Lindsay as part of our re-branding project was exceptional. Lindsay worked alongside our team throughout the process, questioning us on our vision and hopes for the new brands and interpreting them in a way that brought them to life and staff and customers can instantly recognise and relate to our services and culture.

Diane Thompson, CEO, The Honeycomb Group

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